Setting up pyro

You can clone pyro from github:


It is strongly recommended that you use python 3.x. While python 2.x might still work, we do not test pyro under python 2, so it may break at any time in the future.

The following python packages are required:

  • numpy

  • matplotlib

  • numba

  • h5py

  • pytest (for unit tests)

The following steps are needed before running pyro:

  • add pyro/ to your PYTHONPATH environment variable (note this is only

needed if you wish to use pyro as a python module - this step is not necessary if you only run pyro via the commandline using the script). For

the bash shell, this is done as:

export PYTHONPATH="/path/to/pyro/:${PYTHONPATH}"
  • define the environment variable PYRO_HOME to point to the pyro2/ directory (only needed for regression testing)

    export PYRO_HOME="/path/to/pyro/"

Quick test

Run the advection solver to quickly test if things are setup correctly:

./ advection smooth inputs.smooth

You should see a plot window pop up with a smooth pulse advecting diagonally through the periodic domain.