compressible_sdc package

This is a 4th order accurate compressible hydrodynamics solver, implementing the spatial reconstruction from McCorquodale & Colella (2011) but using an SDC scheme for the time integration.



compressible_sdc.simulation module

The routines that implement the 4th-order compressible scheme, using SDC time integration

class compressible_sdc.simulation.Simulation(solver_name, problem_name, rp, timers=None, data_class=<class 'mesh.fv.FV2d'>)[source]

Bases: compressible_fv4.simulation.Simulation

Drive the 4th-order compressible solver with SDC time integration


Evolve the equations of compressible hydrodynamics through a timestep dt.

sdc_integral(m_start, m_end, As)[source]

Compute the integral over the sources from m to m+1 with a Simpson’s rule